Annual Monitoring

Awards administered via the Grants Management System

The Academic Champion (or the assigned university contact) must provide an Annual Progress Report each year of the award. We will contact you on an annual basis and a year after the completion of the Award for a quick update so we can assess the long term impact of the scheme. The report will be passed on to the Steering Group for review and will require their approval for the payment to be released.

The Annual Reports must be submitted to the Academy on the online system by logging into your account and accessing the RAEng Portal page on the top left of the screen. You do not need to complete the report in one sitting as you may save your work as you go along. Full guidelines are provided in the document below.

Guidance notes for Visiting Professors annual reports (157.18 KB)

Awards commenced prior to the introduction of the Grants Management System 

All awardees are required to submit an annual report detailing their activities and its impact upon student learning. All reports should be submitted by the relevant head of department/school (or academic champion) and follow the guidelines provided upon approval of the award. Each report is then reviewed and evaluated by the Visiting Professors Steering Group against the original proposal submitted by the applicant.

To maintain consistency, all reports must focus on the following questions, providing as much detailed information as possible. The length of the report should be around two pages plus any photos that you consider appropriate. Although the report is submitted by the university contact, it must have equal input and final approval from the Academic Champion and the Visiting Professor.

Reporting Q1

Summarize overall progress made against deliverables through the course of the award.

Reporting Q2

Outline activities undertaken by the Visiting Professor during the year.

Reporting Q3

Outline the impact of these activities upon enhancing student learning and the employability and skills of students. Please provide appropriate evidence such as student feedback etc.   

Reporting Q4
Outline your plans for long term sustainability. This should include how you intend to sustain the work carried out by the Visiting Professor beyond the period of the award.


Financial Expenditure Statement

To be submitted as part of annual reporting. This must list the actual expenditure over the past year including a clear breakdown of costs such as travel, honorarium, accommodation, subsistence, other etc. Please note that we are unable to reimburse any 1st Class travel.


Visiting Professors Guide

All current awardees can find The Rough Guide to being a RAEng Visiting Professor which acts as a handbook and can answer any queries you might have.

  The Rough Guide to being a Visiting Professor 2018 (747.89 KB)


If you have any questions, please contact the Higher Education team