Recognises an outstanding and demonstrated personal contribution to UK engineering, which results in successful market exploitation, by an engineer with less than 22 years in full-time employment or equivalent, who will normally be Chartered. (Any career breaks will be appropriately considered by the Committee.)

Consideration will be given where an equal contribution has been made by more than one person, in which case, a joint award of two medals may be justified.

Nominations that do not win the medal will remain before the Awards Committee for the succeeding two years unless barred by the requisite number of years in full-time employment/equivalent.

Nominations are now closed.

All nominations are made via our online system:

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Dr Jade Algalve

Reader, University College London Principle Engineer, Arm Ltd

Dr Jade Algalve has been awarded the Silver Medal for her fundamental work in concurrency, which is widely regarded as one of the most complicated areas of computer science. Her work is conceptually innovative and breathes new life into modelling the behaviour of computer hardware and software.

Dr Iain Scott

Capability Manager, Leonardo MW Ltd

Dr Iain Scott has been awarded the Silver Medal for for his leadership and vision to create Leonardo MW's Vixen-E family of active electronically scanned array airborne radar products, which are now a major UK export success worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Professor Chris Sutcliffe

University of Liverpool; Research and Development Director, Renishaw

Professor Chris Sutcliffe has been awarded the Silver Medal for his work and inventions within manufacturing/3D Printing over the past 20 years. Which led to the development of the Tritanium implant technology produced by laser and electron beam powder-bed fusion.

Silver Medal award 2018 - news release