Professor Mark Miodownik

Professor of Materials and Society, University College London

Awarded for his dedication to raising the profile of engineering. Over the past 12 years Mark has become a public champion of engineering: working with the Tate Modern to explore the engineering behind their collection, contributing to BBC Radio 4 programmes such as Material World and Start the Week and writing and presenting the 2010 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

2013 Rooke Award news release



The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair

In recognition of its success in communicating the excitement of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to young people and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

2012 Rooke Award news release



Professor Christopher Bishop FREng FRSE

Recognising him for his "persistent drive" in engaging members of the public in the vital work of engineers and their contribution to society. He is a regular speaker at the major UK science festivals. He continually pursues and tests new ways to promote computer science engineering, through novel demonstrations, interactive web sites and video. He has also presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, broadcast to a prime-time national television audience of five million people.

2011 Rooke Award news release



Walking with Robots

Recognising the project network for engaging and exciting public audiences with engineering challenges and societal and ethical implications of robotics research by bringing together leading researchers in intelligent robotics with experts in the field of public engagement.

2010 Rooke Award news release



Science Made Simple

Recognising them for their Engineering Explained initiative by having a real impact helping inform a broad audience about the potential that engineering offers, both as a solution to global problems and as an exciting career choice for the next generation of engineers.



Dr Johnny Ball

In recognition of the astonishing impact of his long history of involvement with the promotion of science, technology and engineering to young people, teachers and the general public.



Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS

Awarded to the man who helped stop the famous leaning Tower of Pisa crashing to the ground.



Dr Lindsay Sharp

Director of the National Museum of Science and Industry



Kate Bellingham

TV and Radio Presenter



Ed Bazalgette

BBC Producer/Director

Simon Winchcombe

Assistant Producer

For their work on the Brunel film for the Great Britons series and their general involvement with TV programmes covering engineering.



Dr Adam Hart-Davis

Author and TV presenter