The Distinguished Visiting Fellowship programme is due to be relaunched in Summer 2018, further updates will be made available shortly.

The Distinguished Visiting Fellowships programme aims to help UK universities to build capacity and promote collaborations by facilitating visits by distinguished international experts.

It provides funding so that an academic engineering department at a UK university can host a Visiting Fellow from an overseas academic centre of excellence for up to one month.

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Programme objectives

The programme’s objectives are to:

  • Access global centres of excellence in engineering research and teaching, with a view to strengthening UK capacity and international standing and promoting new international collaborations
  • Enable the participating organisations to discover common and complementary skills/areas and initiatives that could form the foundation for future collaborations and future strategic research alliances
  • Facilitate the sharing of latest developments, experience and information and the unification of participating organisations’ diverse knowledge in the area of engineering and technology by enabling the host institution to use the opportunity to engage the fellow in a range of mutually beneficial activities


Programme Activities

The activities may include, for example:

  • Working collaboratively on joint papers and research proposals to tackle ambitious research problems or challenges, both within the host department and also through the involvement of other UK universities and UK industries
  • Delivering lectures, presentations, seminars, demonstrations, and expert workshops to graduates, undergraduates, members of the host faculty and academics from other UK institutions
  • Guiding the design and delivery of new teaching modules and/or programmes
  • Establishing project consortia to work collaboratively on ambitious joint research projects


Further information

Please see the FAQ and Eligibility pages for more information.

Contact the Programme Manager for any further information.

DVF collaborations 2016-17

The Distinguished Visiting Fellows awarded in 2016-17 will visit the UK from the following countries (with the number of Visiting Fellows from each):