Dr Federico Alberini

University of Birmingham
Johnson Matthey (JM)
Use of Advanced Diagnostic Data for Complex fluid Process Scale-up

Dr Halim Alwi

University of Exeter
Prismatic Ltd
Flight Control for High Altitude Long Endurance UAV

Dr Madeleine Bussemaker

University of Surrey
Arcadis UK Ltd / CE Geochem
Ultrasonic Degradation of Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Dr Matteo Ceriotti

University of Glasgow
Alba Orbital Ltd
Attitude determination and control for PocketQube picosatellites

Dr Abigail Hathway

University of Sheffield
Ove Arup and Partners
Model Predictive Control for Low Energy Building Operation

Dr Matthew Himsworth

University of Southampton
Defence Science Technology Laboratory
Quantum Sensing in Dynamic Environments

Dr Zafer Kazancı

Queen's University Belfast
Bombardier Aerospace
Low-velocity impact analysis of composite sandwich panels utilising auxetic cores

Dr Alistair McIlhagger

University of Ulster
MODATexMulti-Optimisation and Development of Advanced Textile Composites

Dr Hui Yu

University of Portsmouth
Emteq LtD
Dynamic Facial Expression Reconstruction from Upper Half-Face Data