In its first year, the Safer End of Engineered Life Mission is focusing on the safer decommissioning of offshore structures and ships.

An international workshop will act as the starting point, convening stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines and sectors to work together to identify fundamental safety challenges in the area and impactful ways to address them. New collaborations will be shaped and lead to projects that create impact where it is most needed. 

The workshop will be followed by a call for proposals and funding will be available to participants and their wider networks.


Global Workshop: Safer decommissioning of offshore structures and ships

8 and 9 July 2019



To achieve safety though raising standards, improving consistency and spreading the implementation of best practices in the global handling of the decommissioning of offshore systems, including ships.



  1. Map out the critical safety issues and stakeholders in decommissioning of offshore structures, including ships
  2. Identify ways to address the critical safety issues where they are most prevalent and/or present the biggest threat to safety of life, property and environment
  3. Facilitate new international, interdisciplinary and inter-sector collaborations that address these safety challenges through transfer, adaptation and generation of knowledge and contextually appropriate best practices
  4. Build an active global community of leaders and stakeholders who have lasting and impactful collaborations that are cross-disciplinary and driven to solve challenges and improve safety in the decommissioning of offshore structures and ships

Outcomes of this workshop to follow.