The Academy is pleased to have supported the following projects under UK-Colombia Industry Academia Partnership Programme to build bilateral industry-academic linkages which support Colombian universities in improving their engineering research and innovation output through strengthening industry linkages – specifically with SMEs - and leveraging and creating links with UK expertise. 

Project Title  Lead Partner Country University Partner Country Industry Partner UK University
Friction Management at the wheel/rail interface: a fundamental approach to specific industrial situations National University of Colombia and Technological Metropolitan Institute of Medellin Metro de Medellin Sheffield University
A open and collaborative approach to System-on-a-Chip design Universidad Industrial de Santander Novus Semiconductor University of Cambridge
Development of a water purification system based on activated carbon-ozone-UV light technologies, for use in small communities in Colombia Universidad del Valle Perlemax Ltd, Uk; Didacontrol SA Sheffield University
Collaborative Research Platform to develop healthcare solutions between “Hospital General de Medellín”, “Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia” and City University London. Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia Hospital General de Medellín City University
VirtuaLab “Development of a Virtual Laboratory for teaching in Chemical Engineering using industrial-standard software” National University of Colombia – Medellin CMCL University of Cambridge
Accelerating Marine Energy in Colombia Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Aquatera (UK) Heriott Watt University
Optimisation of Composite Structures for Compact Electric Utility Vehicles National University of Colombia Compoestructuras SAS University of Bristol
Managing risk in technology qualification of manufacturing processes – Research and Training Industrial University of Santander ASOMECSA Cranfield University
Human-Robot Interaction Strategies for Rehabilitation based on Socially Assistive Robotics Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito; Clinical Universidad de la Sabana TLM Andina SAS Plymouth University
Development of a technology-based methodology for the characterization of underwater ecosystems as tool towards marine spatial planning decisions of marine areas in the Colombian seas Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana; Universidad Nacional de Colombia  Ecopetrol Newcastle University
Roadmap for Industry-Academy collaboration between Universidad de Antioquia and SUMICOL. Universidad de Antioquia SUMICOL University of Cambridge
On-line MBI® platform as a knowledge sharing strategy between bio-based industry and university in Colombia Icesi University Levapan S.A University College London
Roadmap for Industry-Academy collaboration between Universidad Militar Nueva Granada and Prodensa  in industrial wastewater treatment Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Prodensa University of Cambridge
Universidad Piloto de Colombia
Buro Happold Engineering; LACUNAE University of Bath
Study of breast cancer detection using alternate current electrical and electrochemical impedance based on piezoelectric  sensors Universidad Nacional de Colombia PRECIMEC SAS Cranfield University
Treatment of petroleum production wastewater by combined adsorption and oxidation process using double layer hydrotalcites  
Universidad del Valle; Universidad de Cartagena
IQA Soluciones ambientales S.A.S
Loughborough University
Submarine slope instability in the Colombian Margin, managing risk to submarine infrastructure-Development of a methodology for the seafloor geotechnical characterization in the Colombian Caribbean  
EAFIT University
Ecopetrol University of Leeds
Masters Class and Regional Forum: Building for a Changing Climate Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Arup Group  
Rail grinding effects on friction response and fatigue resistance of wheel-rail pairs UNAL – Medellin University of Sheffield Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá Limitada Metro de Medellín Ltda., Instituto Tecnológico VALE
Intelligence system to improve the sustainability of oil palm crops through the construction of forecasting maps integrating adaptive vegetation indices from multispectral aerial views Universidad EIA De Montfort University  Unipalma de Los Llanos 
CASTOR: CompliAnt SofT Robotics Julio Garavito Plymouth University Fieldwork Robotics Ltd, Tejido de sueños SAS
Exploring Opportunities for Sugarcane (Bagasse) Waste Densification as a Renewable Bioenergy Source in Colombia and the UK Universidad del Valle University of Nottingham Cenicaña, Drax Power
Research and development of Immersive interactive sound experiences for the appropriation and divulgation of science and technology as a transformation tool through inclusive and recreational education in the city of Medellin, Colombia. Universidad de San Buenaventura Medellin University of Southampton Explora Park
Identification of Knowledge Gaps in the Academia and Capacity Building for Aquatic Renewable Energy in Colombia Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Heriot-Watt University COTECMAR, Aquatera Ltd
Novel Hybrid Composites to improve structural performance of a Compact Electric Utility Vehicles Chassis National University of Colombia University of Strathclyde Compoestrcucturas SAS
Development of a robust modeling and up-scaling techniques for studying nanofluids transport and retention in porous rocks for subsurface engineering applications UNAL – Medellin University of Nottingham ECOPETROL
Engineering the energy gap: challenges in flow assurance and unconventional oil production Universidad de los Andes University of Leeds Croda Europe Ltd, Goole, The Dow Chemical Company