To solve today’s most pressing development and sustainability challenges, academics need to work with industry, government and the public to build trust, design appropriate solutions and scale their uptake.

Run by the Royal Academy of Engineering, supported by the Newton Fund and delivered in partnership with innovation agencies in seven countries, the Transforming Systems through Partnership (formerly known as the Industry-Academia Partnerships (IAPP)) programme will build engineering teaching, research and innovation capacity within partner countries' universities to collaborate with local stakeholders and UK academics in meeting local and global development challenges.



Transforming Systems through Partnerships guidance notes (1.39 MB)

Transforming Systems through Partnerships budget template (58.37 KB)

Call for Grants

A call for grant funding proposals under this programme are now open and will close on 10th January 2020. For more information or additional queries then please refer to the Guidance for Applicants or email richard.edmond@raeng.org.uk.

  • A link to the application form under our grant management system can be found here.
  • *For applicants applying from institutions in China, please use the following link here.


Funding under this Scheme will be made available to Partnerships led by a University from an eligible Partner Country and involving at least one local industry partner and UK academic institution. For more details see the Guidance for Applicants linked above.

Map of Newton Fund Partner Countries eligible for participation