Following the Safer Complex Systems scoping workshop in July, we discovered that lots of people work on different parts of the same problem, but talk about it in very different ways. We want to create a common way for different stakeholders to communicate about safety in complex systems because if we improve communication, we will enable better collaboration.

The workshop community suggested case studies as one way to help create this common language. We have launched this Call for Case Studies to gather tangible case studies that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to the design, management and governance of complex systems from all over the world.

These case studies will support the global community to learn from one another, to improve practice and to increase the safety of complex systems globally. We will publish these case studies in a free, online library to enable dissemination of good practice and lessons learned following failure. This way, we can learn from the best and never have to make the same mistakes twice.

The Academy is asking the Academic and Industry communities to help develop these case studies.

Application Process

This is a two-stage application process.

  • Stage one: Call for Abstracts (Deadline 18 November 2019)

This is now live. Please submit a high-level summary of a case study of a complex system located anywhere globally that you think it is important for the rest of the global community to be aware of and to learn from.

  • Stage two: Research to produce full case study (December 2019 – April 2020)

From the submitted Abstracts, the Academy will select the case studies they believe will be most helpful to a diverse, global community. If required, the Academy will provide funding to develop the Abstract into a full piece of research, to produce a full case study. The Academy will publish the final case studies both online and offline. There may also be opportunities to develop the case studies into creative resources (e.g. films, animations, media articles, interactive tools, and/or documentaries).

How to Apply?

All applications must be submitted via the online grants system (you must register an account). Applications can only be submitted by the Lead Applicant. Please read the below guidance notes before starting your application.

Guidance Notes for Call for Case Studies (312.39 KB)