The Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering have launched Engineering X, a new international collaboration that brings together some of the world’s leading problem-solvers to address the great challenges of our age.

Our global network of expert engineers, academics and business leaders are working in partnership to share best practice, explore new technologies, educate and train the next generation of engineers, build capacity, improve safety and deliver impact. 

The Engineering X community will bring together partners from around the world, building on a network of global alliances to tackle the most pressing engineering, safety and sustainability problems, and developing practical, sustainable and accessible solutions for the engineering profession worldwide.

Engineering X will deliver four initial programmes:


Safer Complex Systems

We live in a world where the critical infrastructure we depend on is made up of increasingly complex interconnected systems. Our safety is endangered when localised issues result in wider, often unanticipated consequences. Run in partnership with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, this programme will develop and implement practical solutions to improve the safety of complex systems.

Safer End of Engineered Life

End-of-life and decommissioning bring safety challenges across many industries, ranging from hazardous medical waste to decommissioning of offshore structures. These issues often displace safety risks to parts of the world least able to manage them. Run in partnership with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, this international programme will improve safety by improving practices in the places where the safety challenges are most acute.

Engineering Skills where they are most needed

Population growth in emerging economies is driving huge investment in critical infrastructure. However, a skills gap that is exacerbated by a reliance on multinational organisations and temporary, non-domestic workforces is limiting capability to operate and maintain such infrastructure safely. Run in partnership with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, this programme will implement capacity-building programmes to address these needs.

Transforming Systems through Partnership programme

Today’s most pressing development and sustainability challenges are highly interconnected and interdependent by nature and thus require collaborations among multiple stakeholders to innovate appropriate solutions that can scale rapidly. Run through the Newton Fund and delivered in partnership with innovation agencies of seven countries, this programme will support engineering universities to take a lead in tackling complex challenges working with other stakeholders and UK peers whilst building their own teaching, research and innovation capacity.


From gathering evidence, to implementing standards, Engineering X is working hard to identify and solve problems on a global scale. As well as these initial programmes, we would welcome additional partners who share the Academy and Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s vision of a safe and sustainable future to join the Engineering X alliance to engineer a better, safer world.