There are over 1,000 innovators who have taken part in the LIF programme in the past five years, coming from 17 countries around the world. 

Our alumni have made great progress with their innovations, which are beginning to have real impact in their home countries and further afield. These include:

  • Septian Suryo, a LIF4 fellow whose water purification system is providing clean water to hundreds of families affected by tsunamis in Palu, Indonesia
  • Asiye Karakullukcu's company, Aksense, which has developed a rapid diagnostics tool for Hospital-Aquired Infections
  • Chilean Innovator and Inventor of the Year (2018) Barbarita Lara Martinez, whose start-up S!E is going from strength to strength with its tool that allows users to communicate in emergencies when other networks fail

To learn more about our alumni, visit the LIF online community:

LIF Innovation Profiles

The LIF community is growing and thriving, and we are always looking for ways to further support our alumni and connect them with partners, investors and opportunities. If you are excited about working with a global community of innovators you can contact them directly on the LIF online community, or contact the LIF Community Manager.