Symposium 9: Engineering Inclusive Cities

9-10 June 2020 | Online 

Expressions of interest for this event are now closed but you can still express interest in the 'Smart communities' symposium by following this link.

Frontiers participants doing interactive team-building activities

The ninth Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering for Development symposium will be conducted remotely, and will be on the theme of 'Engineering Inclusive Cities'. The symposium will focus on three sub themes: 

  • Mobilities  
  • On grid and off grid energy systems 
  • Design and Density

Human infrastructure interactions are gendered, unequal, segregated and radicalized. Over time, inequality gets locked into spatial forms and institutional systems in cities. Therefore, the symposium will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and will focus on inclusivity in the infrastructure of cities, in a developing country context. For more information regarding the theme please read the concept note written by the event co-chair, Dr Jaideep Gupte, Global Challenge Leader, Cities.

Symposium Format

The event will be made up of live discussions over the course of two days, with facilitated networking and an opportunity to interact with the content in the lead-up to the symposium. Participants can feed in their own ideas and input on the theme of 'Engineering Inclusive Cities' that will generate discussion in the live online sessions. Following the symposium, there will be an opportunity to be awarded up to £20,000 in seed funding for an idea generated from collaborations created during the event.       

Participants are obliged to participate in every session to maximise the opportunity to make new contacts and build collaborative relationships. To ensure there is a balance of formal and informal networking opportunities, informal networking will be organised. 

Frontiers participants in discussionSymposium Goal

The goal of the two day symposium is to introduce outstanding researchers and innovators working in the international development field (approximately 0-20 years post-doc, or equivalent experience in industry) to each other, and through this interaction, facilitate collaboration in engineering for development, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across disciplinary boundaries, and the establishment of contacts among the next generation of engineering leaders and beyond.

Symposium 10: Smart Communities    

This symposium will take place in early 2021 and will look at the theme of Smart Communities. More information on this event will follow soon. 

To express interest in either of the upcoming symposia please follow the link at the top of the page.