Upcoming Frontiers Events 

'Engineering Inclusive Cities' | 9-10 June | Online: For more information please click here. To express your interest please follow this  link.

'Resilient Resource Use': For more information please click here. To express interest please follow this  link.

Due to COVID-19 this event is postponed. Please continue to express interest and we will update the page when location and dates are confirmed. 

Frontiers Programme

Many of the major challenges facing humanity today, and in the future, will cross borders and disciplinary boundaries. Addressing these challenges will require cutting edge research and innovation by people with the right global networks and interdisciplinary mindsets, especially if the challenges are to be tackled in a sustainable way that leaves no communities behind. 

The Frontiers programmes aim to address this need by building a pipeline of researchers, practitioners and innovators who are working to tackle global development challenges.

The first part of this suite of pipeline-building activities is the Frontiers events, which are highly curated and intensive events that bring together the best early- and mid-career researchers, practitioners and innovators to discuss international development themes. The events allow participants to build networks that can be transformative - not only to tackling the global goals or to lives of people around the world, but also to the career and opportunities of the participant.

Following each Frontiers event, participants can bid for seed funding that allows them to take forward a collaborative project established at the event, ensuring that partnerships are built to last.

In order to further support these networks we offer Frontiers Follow-On Funding. These are mid-sized awards that provide a next-step for previous awardees to continue to collaborate and develop seeded projects into fully functioning collaborative research projects. The funding also bridges the well-recognised gap between smaller seed funding grants and much larger scale grants, that can be challenging for those at the early and mid-career stages to attain. 

Finally, in 2020 we will launch our Frontiers Champions programme that will award small grants to those who have been involved with our Frontiers programmes in the past. These grants are for networking, allowing Frontiers Champions to convene peers through regional or thematic events that provide a focal point for an international community of researchers, innovators and practitioners. 

Frontiers of Development

Working jointly with all four UK National Academies to host challenge-led symposia in developing countries encouraging participants to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries for development