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Godwin Benson and team, Nigeria, WINNER

Tuteria is an online platform that connects people seeking to learn ‘anything’ with verified local experts who can teach them what they want to learn, as well as ensuring safety, accountability and quality learning delivery. 42+ million children, youths and adults in Nigeria, and 204 million in Africa who desire to learn various skills and subjects, have no reliable access to competent, local teachers. Tuteria therefore provides an easy way to find, book, pay for, schedule and track lessons with vetted teachers, thereby bridging the learning gap, and creating a healthy source of income for numerous teachers, graduates and students in Africa. 

Launched in October 2015, in just two years the company has become a community of over 10,650 tutors and 3,540 learners across Nigeria. 

Green Tower Microgrids

Andre Nel and team, South Africa, FINALIST

GreenTower Microgrids is a hybrid solar microgrid solution that uses 90% less energy to heat water, helping to solve electricity and water supply problems. It is designed to be scalable, and a single containerised unit typically serves 15 homes.



Kelvin Gacheru, Kenya, FINALIST

Mobi-Water is a solar-powered system that allows the millions of people who use water tanks to ensure that water is not wasted. It monitors water levels, leaks, valves and pumps via a mobile phone app. Access to water affects over 16 million people in Kenya, and 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, Gacheru believes that better access to information within the water value chain will greatly alleviate this problem in the African water sector. 

The Yaaka Digital Network

Hindu Nabulumba, Uganda, FINALIST

The Yaaka Digital Learning Network, an online platform paired with a physical device, is a digital environment that allows teachers to tutor remotely, and helps its users benefit from each other's experience and guidance.


The E-Con Wheelchair

Peter Mbira, Kenya

The E-Con Wheelchair is a culmination of many solutions. This 4x4 wheelchair can go-off road, climb stairs, allow the user to stand upright and automatically navigate familiar terrain, all while keeping its passenger perfectly level. It can even keep medical records.


Green Rock Drill

Lawrence Ojok, Tanzania

The Green Rock Drill is a solar-powered alternative to modern fossil-fuel rock drills. It helps small-scale artisanal miners bridge the gap between hard manual labour and expensive mechanised equipment. It also reduces air pollution in Tanzanite mines, improving miners’ health and making mining more environmentally-friendly.


Harvest Rainwater App

Aline Okello, Mozambique

The Rainwater Harvesting App helps users navigate through complex rainwater harvesting solutions to find the equipment that suits their location, budget and needs. It allows users to calculate how much water they could harvest based on the type of roof they have, their location and available tank types in the area.


Kuza Automotive

Alex Makalliwa, Kenya

Kuza Automotive makes sustainable transport in Africa more accessible with electric tuk-tuks. Tuk-tuks are a popular means of transport in many African cities and Makalliwa's aim is to make them even more convenient, and reduce the impact on the environment by converting fleets to run on electric motors.



Brian Turyabagye and team, Uganda

Mama-Ope is a biomedical smart jacket that helps doctors identify pneumonia faster and more accurately. It measures temperature and breathing rate, and compares it to a database of parameters. 27,000 Ugandan children die annually from pneumonia, often because the disease is misdiagnosed. With Mama-Ope the team wants to reduce the margin for human error and help doctors make faster, more accurate diagnoses.


Riziki Source

Fredrick Ouko, Kenya

Riziki Source is a web platform for employers to tap into the millions of skilled people living with disabilities in Africa, of which up to 80% are without work.



The Sisal Decorticator

Joel Kariuki, Kenya

The Sisal Decorticator is a mechanised peeler which makes it more profitable for natural sisal fibre to be processed. This gives the industry a boost in the global market and makes natural fibres a viable competitor for synthetics. 



Sesinam Dagadu, Ghana

SnooCODE RED is a logistics app which significantly reduces emergency response times through a custom-made mapping system to help ambulances navigate dense urban areas. Using software originally developed to deliver parcels to areas without street addresses, SnooCODE RED reimagines how we understand the postal system, helping ambulances reach emergencies faster. 

Solar Turtle

James van der Walt, South Africa

The Solar Turtle is a mobile power station that provides instant electrification wherever it's needed. Housed in a shipping container, the solar panels are folded out to prevent theft, and charge batteries inside recycled bottles, which users can plug into their home system. 



Arnold Achiri and team, Cameroon

'Traveler' is a software system comprising of an app and a 'big data' integrated cloud monitoring system (firebase). The app converts mobile phones into speed, performance and collision detectors capable of automatically tracking, tracing and reporting reckless practices likely to cause an accident, especially in buses. When an accident occurs, the app automatically detects it and sends an emergency alert SMS to hospitals, ambulance services and other institutions with the location and severity of collision.

The app has a specialised algorithm which makes smart phones sensitive to data concerning speed, location, orientation, weather conditions, acceleration and the collision force recorded during impact. Traveler is being integrated into Cameroon’s public transport network.


Edwin Inganji, Kenya

The free to use Usalama app boosts policing and emergency response times by allowing users to effortlessly alert police, emergency services, family members and other users to emergency situations.




Dr Wilfred Fritz, South Africa

The Water&Solar100 is a next-generation multipurpose solar generator. Functioning as a water purifier and solar-cooker, it is lightweight and portable, tracks the sun automatically, has temperature and timing controls and generates electricity to charge batteries.