Outcomes and achievements

In accordance with the timetable and reporting structure of each award, agreed between the Academy and each professional engineering institution respectively, awardees submit a Final Report outlining the outcomes and achievements of their project.

The Institution of Engineers Rwanda has participated in Phase I and Phase II of the GCRF Africa Catalyst programme, and their corresponding final reports for each phase can be viewed below. Outcomes and achievements include interns' ability to demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge in academic and professional settings, as well as the development of a clear action plan to improve performance and solve current challenges.

IER - Final report - Phase I (957.51 KB)

IER - Final report - Phase II (1.18 MB)


Forging Africa's Future Mechanical Engineers Programme

Forging Africa's Future Mechanical Engineers Programme (FAFMEP 2019) is a capacity building and skills development programme targeted at strengthening the capacities of students, graduates and professionals of mechanical engineering to develop implement and promote a research and innovation based approach to addressing the various socioeconomic challenges in Nigeria and Ghana.


Webinars/Video guidance

On 13 September 2017, the Academy hosted a webinar on application writing, specifically tailored to GCRF Africa Catalyst - Phase 2. A recording of this webinar is available to watch below. A new webinar specific to Phase 3 will be available from mid-May 2019. 


Diversity and Inclusion

The Royal Academy of Engineering is running a programme to increase diversity and inclusion across the engineering profession which includes resources and frameworks. Follow this link for more information.