The second Summit, hosted in Beijing

The Chinese Academy of Engineering hosted a major international summit on Global Grand Challenges, a series inspired by the  NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering 14 ambitious goals identified by some of this generation’s leading technological thinkers and doers that are believed to be both achievable and necessary to help people and the planet survive.

Events: Global Grand Challenges 2015

China/UK Joint Advanced Manufacturing Symposium

The Academy further strengthened links with the Chinese Academy of Engineering during a joint China/UK Advanced Manufacturing Symposium held in Beijing from 2-3 March 2015. The first session focussed on the process and rationale for the manufacturing strategy work both countries have recently completed, followed by discussions on the findings of these reports and the policy implications for both countries.

This was followed by short presentations and talks from both countries on a range of manufacturing themes, including intelligent manufacturing, 3D printing, low carbon green manufacturing and manufacturing as a driver for economic growth in poorer areas.