Session 8, 9am-10.10am

  • Welcome
    David Rowan
  • Student Collaboration Lab Competition Final
    Yassmin Abdel-Mageid & four student teams

Session 9, 10.10am-10.35am

  • Keynote Presentation
    Lord Martin Rees

Session 10, 11am-12.30pm

  • Increasing resilience: How can engineering reduce the risks of climate change?
    David Rowan
    Hannah Olmberg-Soesman
    Professor Jianyun Zhang 
    Dr Amrit Chandan
    Professor Klaus Lackner 

Session 11, 1.55pm-3.15pm

  • Future Cities: How do we create sustainable living places for 10 billion people?
    Professor Dame Henrietta Moore
    Dr Jian Wang
    Monica von Schmalensee
    Professor Zhiqiang Wu
    Peter Lacy
    Anna Ploszajski

Film credit: Director, Fredrik Gertten. To find out further information please visit the Push Film website here.

Session 12, 3.15pm-4pm

  • Future Wellbeing: How do we sustain a healthy population of 10 billion?
    Dr Loubna Bouarfa
    Christine Schindler
    Neo Hutiri

Session 13, 4pm-4.45pm

  • Closing session
    Dean Kamen

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Session 14, 4.45pm-5pm

  • Closing remarks
    Dr Hayaatun Sillem