In the run-up to the Engineering a Better World conference, the Royal Academy of Engineering commissioned a global survey of young engineers aged 16-45. We are delighted to report that over 1,200 young engineers shared their thoughts with us.

The survey aimed to better understand young engineers’ thoughts and experiences of engineering within their own country and asked questions about their engineering education, work opportunities, their perceptions of the challenges the engineering profession is facing, and their thoughts on how the engineering profession can respond to global challenges.

The results of the survey have helped to build a picture of the state of engineering and the engineering profession around the world, as seen through the eyes of young engineers.

Download the full report here:

Engineering a Better World survey report (1.74 MB)

The key results are as follows:

  • Young engineers across the globe believe there are insufficient opportunities to gain industry experience as part of their training
  • More than one in ten engineers surveyed felt that they did not have the skills needed to get a job on completion of their engineering studies
  • Only 46% believe there is sufficient money invested in engineering to meet current and future challenges
  • 95% of engineers agree that the industry needs to take a leadership role in development policy and the development of infrastructure on a national level, and 93% agree that this should also be on an international level
  • Overwhelmingly engineers think the industry can support achievement of SDGs

“We live in an increasingly technology driven society. I view a career in engineering as a means to contribute to progress of the human endeavour.”

Comment from the survey

The Survey marked the beginning of Engineering a Better World, a UK government-funded programme that the Academy is delivering, focused on the contribution engineering can make to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Engineering a Better World is bringing together engineering and international development communities from across the global to work in partnership to ensure that engineering innovations reach the poorest and most vulnerable societies.

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ComRes has been commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering to conduct this research. ComRes is an independent research consultancy, and conducts all its work in accordance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct. All participation and answers will therefore remain strictly anonymous.