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The first of this year's East Midlands regional lectures will be hosted by the University of Leicester. Dr Matt Perkins FREng, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford University Innovation Ltd, will deliver his talk about Space missions.

Humans have a strong desire to explore; to see what is over the horizon and beyond the next hill. The outcome of such exploration has resulted in many benefits to the human race.

Space continues to provide the next frontier to be explored. It has the power to both inspire and motivate people to attempt great things.

It is perceived as a difficult and dangerous environment that is expensive to operate within. The benefits realised from the large investments already made are not always obvious.

The presentation will address these perceptions, explaining how space missions are created, the types of resources and skills required and the benefits humans obtain from this important work. 



Welcome, refreshments and posters

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(Peter Williams Lecture Theatre)

Space missions - The What, How and Why?

Dr Matt Perkins FREng, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford University Innovation Ltd


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University of Leicester
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Speaker biography - Matt Perkins FREng