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On 9 and 10 October, the Lloyd's Register Foundation's international thought leadership conference, Engineering a Safer World, will take place. Some of the most exciting thinkers, business leaders, innovators, and policymakers will debate new approaches and perspectives for tackling the world’s biggest safety challenges. The conference is free and takes place at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London. Register here.

The conference will give you the opportunity to:

  • take part in debates on closing the gap between public perception and actual risk; the role of wellbeing in keeping safe; and harnessing emerging technology and the latest developments in research to make the world a safer place
  • hear about the Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s new strategy and discuss possible future partnerships and collaboration opportunities
  • network with peers from around the world who are working to improve safety.

It will be hosted by BBC science broadcaster Quentin Cooper, and includes the following speakers: 

Paul Slovic, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon whose most recent research examines ‘psychic numbing’ and the failure to respond to mass human tragedies - such as tragic safety accidents. 

Kriti Sharma, an artificial intelligence (AI) technologist and a leading global voice on AI ethics and its impact on society. In addition to advising global businesses on AI, she focuses on AI for social good. 

Timandra Harkness, a science writer, BBC Radio 4 broadcaster and comedian. Timandra will be performing her show Take a risk, which completed its run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe over the summer.

Visit the Lloyd’s Register Foundation conference website to find out more. Want to get in touch? Tweet @LR_Foundation using #LRFconference2019  

There are places left for the #LRFconference2019, where some of the brightest minds will discuss today’s greatest challenges in #globalsafety.