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This meeting will bring together a group of international universities that have a shared mission to improve the recognition and reward of teaching achievement. It builds on the Career Framework for University Teaching, launched in April 2018, which many of these institutions are using to guide and inform changes to academic promotion and/or other university reward systems.

The agenda for the two-day meeting has three key aims:

• To extend the global network of universities that are reforming how they evidence, recognise and reward teaching achievement;
• To share insights into the change process, including the challenges of changing academic cultures, evidencing teaching achievement, and aligning institutional reward systems with individual career development and appraisal;
• To present and discuss new resources, Teaching Cultures Survey and the Roadmap for Change, which the university partnership developed over the past year.

Each session will open with short case-study presentations from participants, drawn from across the spectrum of institutional initiatives and perspectives that the group represents.  

Fifty participants from across the world will attend the meeting, including change leaders at institutions who are reforming institutional reward and recognition systems, universities that are just starting to build institutional consensus for change, and universities that implemented reforms that they are now assessing. These university leaders will be joined by a small group with particular expertise in the evaluation and recognition of university teaching. 

Only applicants who have been invited to the event can attend. If for any reason you are no longer able to attend, please contact Thomas Gunter, Education Policy Advisor, Education Policy.