Add to Calendar Europe/London DD/MM/YYYY 20/6/2018 17:0020/6/2018 19:00Engineering engagement trainingScience and Media Museum, Pictureville, Bradford, BD1 1NQ

As part of our ambition to improve public awareness and recognition of the crucial role of engineers everywhere, the Royal Academy of Engineering would like to build a network of people who are equipped to engage the public with engineering. This series of public engagement training workshops will take place in Bradford on 20 June, 25 June, 5 July and 10 July.

The workshops will cover the below topics:

  • Public perceptions of and attitudes to engineering and STEM
  • Messaging that works
  • An introduction to the Year of Engineering and This is Engineering
  • Activities and approaches to communicating engineering

Participants will also be encouraged and supported to put their training into practice at the Bradford Science Festival on 21 - 22 July.

Although you are not required to attend all dates, we recommend that in order to get the best out of these workshops that you should try to attend all four.

Please contact Marianne Jamieson, Public Engagement Manager at the Royal Academy of Engineering, if you cannot attend all four sessions.