Add to Calendar Europe/London DD/MM/YYYY 14/9/2017 10:3014/9/2017 14:30Fellows' visit National Physical Laboratory, Hampton Road, Teddington TW11 0LW

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) will be hosting an exclusive visit for Fellows. 

NPL is leading ground-breaking engineering projects based on decades of metrology experience. These are commercialised as leading edge products to improve the UK’s quality of life and commercial competitiveness.

During the visit you will see prototypes in development:

  • Hand-held Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention Scanner: 135 diabetes related amputations occur every week in the UK, this scanner has the potential to dramatically decrease this number
  • Ultrasound Breast Scanning System: More than 2 million women per year in the UK are screened for breast cancer, primarily with X-ray based mammograms. NPL is developing a new technology that is more comfortable and has a reduced level of false positives, especially in younger women
  • NPL Time: Bespoke atomic clocks providing robust, traceable timestamps to the City of London and stock exchanges around the world  

Additionally, NPL is a world leader in the fundamental redefinition of units of measurements of the International System of Units (SI). In 2018, the Kelvin and the kilogram will be redefined. The most accurate data for the realisation of both these fundamental units have been taken using Instruments designed and manufactured by NPL: the Boltzmann Acoustic Resonator for temperature and the Kibble Balance for the kilogram. 


10.30am Arrivals and registration

Welcome presentation

Alan Brewin, Director of Operational Performance and Improvement, NPL

Professor Paul Shore FREng, Head of Engineering Measurement, NPL


Tours of the Labs

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention, Professor Graham Machin, Temperature Group, NPL
  • Breast Scanning Ultrasound Facility, Dr Bajram Zeqiri, Lead Scientist for Ultrasound, NPL
  • NPL time distribution network, Dr Leon Lobo, NPL
  • SI redefinition, Dr Ian Robinson, NPL and Dr Michael de Podesta MBE, NPL
1.00pm Lunch and discussion
2.00pm Closing remarks
2.30pm End of visit


Admission fee is £15 (inclusive of VAT). Lunch will be provided free of charge. 


All cancellation requests must be received in writing via email to Events Team. A request for cancellation (and refund) will be accepted up to Thursday 31 August 2017. Royal Academy of Engineering must make commitments to suppliers at that time and making changes will result in additional costs or penalties. If the cancellation request is received after the deadline, we cannot issue a refund.