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Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton Terrace House, London SW1Y 5DG

Robotics and autonomous systems are generating an increasing number of benefits for our society. They are creating safer ways of tackling environmental disasters, improving efficiencies in agriculture and sparking innovation in how we deliver surgery and healthcare.

However, threats and risks exist. Hacking, cyber-attacks and security issues are challenging the protection of our personal data. It remains uncertain whether the roboticist, software engineer, retailer or user will be liable when things go wrong. Questions surround how to ensure equal access to new technologies and what would happen if public trust in robots stalls. 

If a robot is a faithful servant, it will obey every command even if, by oversight or intent, obedience will give an unethical action. Is there a set of ethical rules which over-ride human instructions?

This event seeks to address ethical questions relating to robotics and autonomous systems. It will address questions as “does existing legislation guard against threats and risks?”, “do we need ‘robot law’?” and “who should be in charge of establishing new laws and guidelines?”



5.30pm Welcome from the chair
5.40pm Introduction from the panellists
6.00pm Panel discussion and audiences Q and A
6.55pm Closing remarks from the chair
7.00pm Networking and drinks reception
8.00pm Close of event


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