Add to Calendar Europe/London DD/MM/YYYY 27/2/2014 17:3027/2/2014 19:30Smith & Nephew lecture: Modern medical devices impacting rehabilitation of disabled people1 Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ

Today's medical devices in rehabilitation of the disabled is outpacing the ability of our industry to accommodate the cost and logistics of implementation. However, in cases where and when the cost constraints are not applied, the impact of application of advance devices on life of disabled people had never been more apparent than today's cases demonstrated in media particularly in the last few years. The Challenges posed by young soldier lower limb amputees or paralympians participating in main Olympic events has been well publicised. These users are now finding themselves amongst the ordinary disabled population. Application of today's technologies for the main stream disabled and ageing population who have similar needs for comfort, stability and confidence is the new challenge facing our industry in order to meet current society's need and demands.