New Scientist Live 2017

A LEGO BB was up for grabs in our selfie competition.

Anakin Skywalker inspired robotic arm, which allows users to control the arm with just their thoughts.

Copies of Ingenia magazine were available including an article that featured the engineering behind BB8.

Henry VIII makes a visit to the stand.

LittleBits droid inventor kits in action.

Professor Matt Dickinson demonstrate mind controlled prosthetics and a helmet fitted with ultra-Sonics.

Professor Matt Dickinson demonstrates mind controlled prosthetic arm.

Technicians Make It Happen: photo gallery of technicians.

The Academy also contributed to a stand highlighting the work of technicians.

Visitors could have a go at building their own droid using electronic building blocks from littleBits.

Visitors try out the interactive haptics poster from Ultrahaptics.

Visitors try their hand at haptics game from University of Sussex.

Young visitor wields a lightsabre.

Young visitors discover a droid made by UK R2D2 Builders.

Young visitors have a go at controlling littleBits' R2D2 droid.