Nikki Jahn


Industry sector


How I got here

I studied for a degree in Physics at Imperial College.  I was always very interested in space when I was younger, but didn’t realise the size or extent of the space industry in the UK until I started searching for graduate jobs.

I got accepted into the Astrium Graduate Development Programme in 2006, and spent the next two years getting a good overview of spacecraft engineering and design.

My favourite part of my job

I travel quite regularly in Europe to see the instrument teams, the European Space Agency and NASA representatives whom we work closely with.  It’s a really interesting job for meeting fascinating, dedicated engineers from all across the world.

The future

Like any space engineer, working abroad is a career goal!  It’s a great industry for stepping outside of your comfort zone and into another culture for work.

What is engineering?

Engineering is applying an understanding of physical principles to the design and manufacture of real-world things.