James Rene

Industry sector 


What I do on an average day

There is no average day!  My time is split between desk work, meetings and the most exciting part – construction sites.  This is where everything we design on paper, or electronically these days, is brought to life.  I also carry out acoustic surveys using noise level meters, and occasional site inspections when the structure of a building goes up.

How I got here

Via the careers service at university.  I always knew I wanted to be in engineering from school, but not specifically the construction industry.  You could say it happened a bit by accident!  I did a couple of summer placements at my now current employer who have encouraged me to continue building up knowledge and experience in the industry.

My favourite part of my job

Seeing everything come together when a project is completed.  Not necessarily seeing the things that we have designed, but how our clever and discreet systems contribute to the pleasant environment inside a building.

I like ‘Eureka’ moments, when you’ve finally cracked something which for whatever reason has been impossible to solve.

What is engineering?

Engineering is simply problem solving.  It is applying scientific principles and research to everyday problems, and continually improving our lives and environment.