Sean Brennan

Industry sector


What I do on an average day

Every day is different.  On occasion, I might spend a whole day researching and designing a new product, process or system at my desk.  Other days might involve building prototypes for experiments and carrying them out or visiting customer sites to assess machinery.

How I got here

I took maths, physics and design & technology A levels.  Following this, I read Mechatronic Engineering at Leeds University where I gained a broad view of engineering and decided to follow a route into mechanical engineering.  I was able to get on a graduate scheme after university and have since moved through a variety of roles, from working with conveyor systems using rollercoaster technology at Heathrow Airport and playing (I mean developing) Action Man toys and games to the role I have at present, designing optical sorting machines.

My favourite part of my job

The most rewarding and enjoyable part of my job is designing a product and then seeing it being built.

The future

At present, I am enjoying engineering and working hard to pursue research and development.  I hope to be able to continue learning, have the opportunity to continue to work on exciting new innovative projects and hopefully fit more travel into my job.

What is engineering?

Everything in the world has some form of engineering associated with it.  It can be about making people’s lives more enjoyable, like developing a games console, or saving lives by developing medical equipment or finding solutions to problems in the developing world.  Engineering can be as simple as manufacturing the chairs you sit on, or as complicated as building a space station.