Emma Cheshire

Industry sector


What I do on an average day

I lead a team of engineers to deliver an end solution.  A lot of my role is coordination, planning the work and setting milestones and deadlines to ensure goals are reached.  I need to have an appreciation of the technical solutions, even if I am not an expert.

How I got here

I went to an all-girls grammar school and did triple science at GCSE, followed by maths, physics and geography A levels.  At Loughborough University, I studied aeronautical engineering which was hard work but a lot of fun.  I did an industrial placement year at BAE Systems where I then got sponsored for my final year at university.  There was a lot of making models and testing them to destruction on my course which made it a lot of fun.

My favourite part of my job

There are two parts; the first is delivering, whether it’s a product or plan or idea at the end of the day.  I relish getting to that end result.  The second part is leading a team of specialists who come together to deliver something and helping people to reach their true potential through their work.

Who is an engineer?

An engineer is a problem solver.  Someone who is innovative and a team player.