1. The competition 

1.1. The competition is organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering (‘the organiser’).

1.2. The competition will start on 20 April 2020 and close on 13 July 2020 (‘the competition period’)

1.3. The first two winners will be announced on 4 May 2020. Two winners will be announced every fortnight within the competition period.

1.4 By entering the competition, the participant expressly accepts these terms and conditions.

1.5 Participants can enter the competition by tagging @EduRAEng and using the hashtag #EngineersInTheMaking in a Twitter post or emailing education@raeng.org.uk with their competition entry.

1.6. The competition is available on Twitter and via email. Internet access is required to participate.

1.7. Participation is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods or services. The judges’ decision is final.


2. Who can enter?

2.1. Any person under the age of 15 who is a resident in the United Kingdom is eligible to participate (‘the participant’). All competition entries must be submitted by a parent, guardian or carer (‘the entrant’).

2.2. Employees of the organiser and its affiliated companies, freelance contractors and agents and their immediate family members and other persons who are professionally connected with this competition are not eligible to enter.

2.3. Participants may enter the competition more than once.

2.4. The close of entries for the prizes is at 11.59 pm (BST) on 13 July 2020.


3. How can I enter?

3.1. During the competition period, each participant has the chance to win a STEM at Home prize by sharing with us up to four images or a short video (30 seconds maximum) of their science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) at home activity inspired by a different set of resources every fortnight.

3.2 The organiser will announce the set of resources to be used as basis for entries at the beginning of each fortnight competition period. This will be announced on Twitter, on the Resource Hub and Academy home learning page.

3.3 When submitting competition entries, entrants must provide the name and age of the participant.

3.4 Personal data on participants and entrants will only be retained for the duration of the competition period and will be used only for the purpose of selecting and contacting winners.

3.4. The organiser reserves the right to exclude submissions from the competition and to delete them if they do not fulfil the task or if they contain insults, inaccuracies, infringements of competition, trademark or copyright law, violence, threats, self-harm, bullying, harassment, hate speech, explicit content, nudity, the intellectual property of third parties or content that poses a risk to safety. In such cases, prizes may also be disallowed in retrospect.

3.5. The participant indemnifies the organiser from all claims arising in connection with such non-permitted entries.

3.6. Messages will be checked for possible obscenity or other undesired, eg discriminatory, content. The organiser reserves the right at their sole discretion not to publish these contents. If this happens, the participant will be notified and barred from entering the competition.

3.7. The entrant affirms that he/she is the sole creator of any image/s and / or video and / or text submitted or holds all the necessary usage rights for the purposes of the competition. If the image depicts other persons or property in addition to the participant in recognisable form, the participant affirms that he/she has the consent of such persons to freely dispose of the image for the purposes of the competition and in particular to disseminate it to third parties and publish it on the Internet. In general, the participant affirms that he/she has respected all relevant usage rights, ancillary copyrights and other rights relating to the text and that the text is free of third-party rights.

3.8. By entering this competition, the entrant transfers all transferable usage rights to any image and / or text submitted, unlimited in time and without geographic or content-related restrictions, to the organiser, particularly the right to publish the text on the Royal Academy of Engineering social media accounts, or make it otherwise publicly available, the right of duplication and the right to give third parties usage rights for the photo, video or text produced. No payment shall be due. The entrant will take all necessary steps and obtain all necessary documents to assert the rights promised here to the organiser. In particular, the entrant may be required to personally assert the rights of the organiser. The participant indemnifies the organiser from all claims arising against the organiser in connection with the uploaded image and / or video and / or or text.

3.9. Participation via competition services and automated competition procedures (or similar) is not permitted. The organiser reserves the right to remove or exclude participants from the competition without stating reasons. Participants who try to disrupt the competition or give themselves an unfair advantage by using prohibited tools shall also be excluded from taking part.

3.10. The organiser cannot be held accountable for entries submitted via social media platforms that are not visible or searchable due to user’s social media privacy settings.


4. What is the prize?

4.1. Throughout the competition period we will be offering winners to choose from two prizes. A coding kit or a K’Nex kit or something similar will be on offer every fortnight.

4.2. If a prize (or part of the prize if applicable) is no longer available for reasons beyond the organiser’s control, the organiser reserves the right to offer alternative prizes of the same value at its own discretion.


5. How will the winner be selected and notified?

5.1. Two submissions will be drawn from all eligible entries based on the decision of at least two judges. At least one judge will be a member of staff from the Royal Academy of Engineering. External parties may also be invited to judge.

5.2. Submissions will be judged on the creativity of their STEM challenge, the level of engagement in their videos or images and demonstrating a level of understanding from their STEM challenge.

5.3. The winners will be notified after the draw either via email or on Twitter.

5.4. There are no consolation prizes on offer.

5.5. Winning entrants will be required to submit a postal address in order to receive a prize. Postal address information will not be retained.

5.6 Prizes will be distributed to winning entrants no later than two weeks after winner has been announced

5.7. The organiser accepts no liability if the winner’s notification is lost when electronically sent and/or does not reach the winner for reasons beyond its control.


6. How will I receive my prize?

6.1. The winners will be requested to send his/her name by e-mail or direct message. The winners will have their prizes posted.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1. The organiser hereby makes it known that the availability and functioning of the competition cannot be guaranteed. If the competition has to be ended or removed due to external circumstances or constraints, eg technical problems, rule changes or decisions by platforms such as Twitter, participants shall not be entitled to make any claims against the organiser. If any individual provisions of these terms and conditions are or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The organiser shall not accept any contractual, non-contractual or other liability as far as this is legally admissible, particularly any liability connected in any way with the prize.


8. Changes to the terms and conditions

8.1. The organiser reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time if there are good reasons for doing so. The organiser will make every effort to ensure that any changes do not affect participation in the competition. If any individual provisions should be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions of use shall not be affected.


9. Contacting the Organiser

9.1. If participants have any questions, comments or complaints about this competition, they can contact the organiser at education@raeng.org.uk.