The London Engineering Project (LEP) ran from September 2005 to July 2009. It took engineering activities into London schools to inspire young students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and STEM careers. 

The project was developed by a cohort of 15 partner organisations, led by the Academy, with a remit to:

  • educate and enthuse young people about the positive applications of engineering
  • transform schools’ science and maths, increasing and improving student skills
  • widen participation and improve social inclusion in engineering
  • promote and protect engineering as a strategic subject

It worked in 40 Southwark and Lambeth schools and in four higher education institutes (HEIs).

A team of dedicated field workers, mentors and project managers delivered STEM activities in these schools, enriching and enhancing school learning within the national curriculum.

In universities, the project funded, developed and delivered brand new, socially relevant engineering courses to encourage and diversify participation in engineering higher education. Adult learners, women, black and minority ethnic groups and students from families with no history of engagement in higher education were specifically targeted.

The London Engineering Project – Evaluation Report (129.15 KB)

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