The Connecting STEM Teachers (CST) programme was launched in 2011 and aims to create a national network of support for teachers across all STEM subjects, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to engage a greater number and wider spectrum of school students with STEM.  

The programme is led by the Royal Academy of Engineering and has received generous support from Shell, the Helsington Foundation, Petrofac and Boeing UK.

Teacher Coordinators

Central to the continued success of this project is the work of the Academy’s Teacher Coordinators (TC) who lead support networks for local STEM teachers across the UK.  

The TCs are experienced teachers of STEM subjects whose core responsibilities are to:

  • Disseminate free training and learning resources to local STEM teachers
  • Provide networking opportunities for teachers
  • Lead enhanced learning opportunities for pupils 
  • Promote collaboration between STEM teachers 
  • Help to develop STEM learning resources

Pupils assist the Hampshire Air Ambulance at the Hampshire STEM Festival, organised by Teacher Coordinators Holly Aiston and Laura Chisholm
Find out more about the Programme and the work of the Teacher Coordinators in the 2018 CST Celebration Brochure

2018 CST programme celebration brochure (9.43 MB)



Year 1 baseline report (summary) (713.72 KB)

Year 2 evaluation report (summary) (777.09 KB)

Year 3 evaluation report (summary) (716.04 KB)


Please contact Scott Atkinson if you are a STEM teacher based in a UK school and wish to know more about the Connecting Teachers project or you want to get in touch with your nearest Teacher Coordinator. See below for the Teacher Coordinators’ locations.


Current Teacher Coordinator Locations


East of England

Location: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Name: Stuart Higham

Specialism: Engineering

Location: Lowestoft

Name: Anthony Vaughan-Evans

Specialism: Mathematics

Location: Norwich

Name: Kate Finlay

Specialism: D&T

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East Midlands

Location: Boston, Lincolnshire

Name: Gareth Richards

Specialism: D&T

Location: Kettering

Name: Arthur Harwood

Specialism: Science

Location: Nottingham

Name: Tom Cookson

Specialism: D&T

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Location: Hammersmith & Fulham

Name: Eleanor Lucas

Specialism: Science

Location: Lewisham

Name: Tunde Orelaja

Specialism: D&T

Location: Newham

Name: Yeasmin Mortuza

Specialism: Science

Location: Ealing

Name: Sushila Hirani

Specialism: D&T

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North East

Location: Gateshead

Name: David Thomas

Specialism: Mathematics

Location: County Durham

Name: Michael Nelson

Specialism: D&T

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Northern Ireland

Location: Belfast

Name: Thomas Lavery

Specialism: Science

Location: Limavady

Name: Desmond O'Connor

Specialism: Computing

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North West

Location: Manchester

Name: Martin Simmons

Specialism: Engineering

Location: Warrington

Name: Michael McAteer

Specialism: Computing

Location: Preston

Name: Chris Wallis

Specialism: Science

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Location: Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Name: Rob Gray

Specialism: Science

Location: Glasgow

Name: Geoff Coxon

Specialism: STEM

Location: Edinburgh

Name: Irene Somerville

Specialism: Science

Location: Auchterarder, Perthshire

Name: Martin Reid

Specialism: D&T

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South East

Location: Oxfordshire

Name: Simon Brown

Specialism: D&T

Location: Hampshire

Name: Scott Atkinson

Specialism: D&T

Location: Maidstone, Kent

Name: Krissi Pink

Specialism: Mathematics

Location: Woking

Name: TBC

Specialism: TBC

Location: Wokingham

Name: Annie Beglin

Specialism: D&T

Location: Southampton

Name: Holly Leat

Specialism: Science

Location: Portsmouth

Name: Laura Chisholm

Specialism: Science

Location: Crowborough

Name: Amanda Courtney

Specialism: D&T

Location: Colchester

Name: Beverly Moloney

Specialism: D&T

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South West

Location: Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

Name: Claudia Clarke

Specialism: D&T, mathematics

Location: Bath

Name: Barney Brown & Lewis Matheson

Specialism: D&T and science

Location: Bodmin, Cornwall

Name: Lorraine Drybrough

Specialism: Computing

Location: Colyton, Devon

Name: Michael Cronk

Specialism: Computing

Location: Bristol

Names: Sam Lawrence & Terry Watts

Specialisms: D&T and computing

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Location: Colwyn Bay

Name: Philip Sutton

Specialism: D&T

Location: Abedare

Name: Peter Thomas

Specialism: Computing

Location: Bridgend

Name: Richard Daniel

Specialism: D&T

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West Midlands

Location: Coventry

Name: Dr Gaynor Sharp

Specialism: Science

Location: Birmingham

Name: Tracey O'Connor

Specialism: D&T

Location: Wem, Shropshire

Name: Andrew Gilbert

Specialism: Science

Location: Penkridge, Staffordshire

Name: Emily Northwood

Specialism: Science

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Yorkshire and Humberside

Location: Hull

Name: Richard Davies

Specialism: Science

Location: Leeds

Name: Andrew Carruthers

Specialism: D&T

Location: Sheffield

Name: Jorden Birch

Specialism: Science

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