Students in the transition phase from school to engineering studies in further education struggle with maths both in terms of their understanding of the core principles and why they need to know the maths they are being taught. To this end, the Academy has worked with Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) to develop a suite of resources to support the teaching and learning of mathematics on Level 3 engineering courses.

These resources cover the four main areas of mathematics; algebra, trigonometry, statistics and elementary calculus.  They also add engineering contextualisation by posing an engineering problem and showing where maths is used to solve that problem.

By placing the maths into an engineering context students are able to make the connection and can better understand why they need to study it; thus increasing their engagement in the subject.

A total of 36 contextualised maths resources have already been developed and these are currently being trialled before being disseminated nationwide. The resources take the form of a teacher pack and a student pack and various forms of video and animation.  To gain access to the resources please click use the website link below.  You will need to register, but this is free.

Contextualised maths resources - MEI website