The Engineering Talent Project (ETP) is a coordinated programme, consisting of four mutually reinforcing strands of activity designed to build perceptions about engineering and make a real impact on the UK engineering talent pipeline. Led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the ETP is supported by a group of major engineering organisations that lend their continuous strategic input to ensure the project delivers.

The UK is facing a well-documented engineering skills crisis. An ageing workforce means that hundreds of thousands of skilled technician and professional engineering roles will need replacing over the next ten years. The supply of individuals into engineering occupations is not keeping pace with demand. Engineering also suffers from significant under-representation, notably women and people from minority ethnic groups.

The ETP project has a wide application and the whole range of engineering specialisms has a stake in its success. Research undertaken recently by the Academy shows that it is the variety and diversity of opportunities across engineering which appeal to the next generation.


Main strands of ETP activities

  1. Communications campaign to change perceptions of engineering to the reality of the 21st century and to grow interest and demand.
  2. Tomorrow's Engineers is the coordinating mechanism for engineering engagement in schools.
  3. Programme of policy work to address structural constraints including those in schools and further and higher education.
  4. Working with industry to improve diversity, workplace culture and employment practices, so the reality across industry matches the presentation in our communications.

"The Royal Academy of Engineering has established this excellent project alongside industry partners to help transform some of the more traditional perceptions that still exist around engineering. The fact of the matter is that engineering touches almost all aspects of our lives.

Babcock is fully committed to work hard alongside the Royal Academy to build a steady pipeline of talent and engage not only future generations of engineers, but also to reach out to those who will help influence and shape important decisions, including parents, teachers, colleges and universities and wider industry."

Archie Bethel, Chief Executive Officer, Babcock International Group

The employer voice is a key to this project, and the Academy will work closely with current and future partners, to ensure the sector itself stays at the heart of this project.



  • Airbus
  • BAE Systems
  • Babcock
  • GKN
  • National Grid
  • Jaguar Land Rover

To find out more about the Engineering Talent project, or how to get involved, please contact Daniel Rossall Valentine, Campaign Director.