This 2018 report highlights the essential role that school leaders play in promoting a culture that embeds and promotes engineering habits of mind in the education system.

Engineering is not a national curriculum subject in schools. It is therefore difficult to identify the kinds of personal and professional attributes that make for successful leaders of an education for engineering in the 5-16 education system.

This research applies a positive deviance approach and identifies a small selection of schools that are successful outliers in introducing engineering into the teaching and learning in an attempt to learn from them. 

Three key themes emerge from the research:

It appears that school leaders who successfully create and sustain a vision for engineering do it by:

  1. Fostering a supportive culture across the school
  2. Maintaining and modelling a specific set of personal and professional attributes
  3. Enact a coherent set of strategies, which is termed pedagogic leadership

The report can be read through the link below:

Report: Learning to be an Engineer (3.32 MB)