This is Engineering has created a library of free-to-use images of engineers that better represent what engineers and engineering really look like. This image library has been developed to encourage website owners and image users to deploy a more diverse range of images when showcasing engineers and the industries in which they work.

This is Engineering on Flickr

The Institution of Engineering and Technology also has a wide image library, available for free use.

IET image library


The following 6 films are part of a resource guide to support individuals who wish to be a ‘majority ally’.

How to change attitudes with Michael Webb (Airbus)and Vera Karpushenko (KBR)


How to use partnerships with Zeb Farooq (Jacobs), Riya Amin (Roke), Shengke Zhi (Jacobs) and Gareth Jones (Arcadis)


The importance of change with Riya Amin (Roke), Gareth Jones (Arcadis) and Michael Webb (Airbus)


Mark Sutcliffe (KBR) on gender


Loraine Martins (Network Rail) on disability


Andy Bowen (Jacobs) on disability


Engineering Engagement Programme


Designed to Inspire - introduction


YouTube playlist: Designed to Inspire - Engineering Careers


Creating cultures where all engineers thrive




What's it like being LGBT in engineering?