Due to the large number of organisations operating in global locations, there is a need to consider the most effective way to embed diversity and inclusion across such organisations.

We recommend that there is an overall vision in place for the organisation and that different regions/locations take responsibility for determining and implementing action plans at a local level. This approach helps to ensure that priorities and initiatives are tailored to the needs of individual areas and that they can drive an approach which is relevant for them.

We recommend that each region/location has a senior leader who is responsible for championing D&I actions and reports back to others. It is worth considering holding regular meetings for the D&I leaders of each region/location to share experiences, challenges, progress, advice and tips. The requirement to report back on actions also increases the likelihood that people will take action.

Developing a global perspective


How the legislation differs in different locations and the impact of this.


Both business and diversity and inclusion priorities at a local level.


How to communicate diversity and inclusion messages across the organisation, eg in terms of overall strategy, local strategy and action plan, successes, progress, areas of future focus and so on.


How to support different locations.


How to celebrate the success of areas that might be at very different stages of their D&I journey.