The professional engineering institutions (PEIs) form the backbone of the engineering profession in the UK. The Academy supports their work in many areas, and the diversity strand of work has resulted in the development of the Engineering Diversity Concordat. So far, 31 PEIs have signed this document, which states that they agree to work towards achieving the following objectives:

  • ​To communicate commitment to equality and inclusion principles and practices
  • To take action to increase diversity amongst those in professional engineering membership and registration
  • To monitor and measure progress

The concordat outlines principles and objectives all professional engineering institutions (PEIs) can commit to in order to increase diversity. Relevance of the one-page document extends to other organisations wishing to make progress on diversity. 

Engineering Diversity Concordat (68.15 KB)


Engineering Diversity Concordat signatories

For a list of professional engineering institutions (PEIs) and other organisations signed up to the Engineering Diversity Concordat, click on the link below. 

Engineering Diversity Concordat signatories (132.14 KB)