• IBM’s culture of inclusiveness dates back to the early twentieth century and today focuses on six strands including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), cross-generational, gender, ethnic/cultural adaptability, work-life integration and people with disabilities.
  • Girls Schools’ Outreach Programme established by the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) in 2008, to attract more women into IT.
  • Flexible working integrated into IBM culture, not just for parents and carers but for all employees at all levels. IBM executives who work part time have been recognised in the Part Time Top 50 List for the past 3 years.
  • IBM Technologista series created for YouTube to showcases leading women in technology roles. Watch here
  • IBM CEO has championed a reverse mentoring scheme for the senior leadership team. This involves members of the SLT receiving mentoring from women, people with different cultural backgrounds, people with disabilities, LGBT and flexible workers to develop greater insight into the issues and barriers that affect them.
  • Commitment to gay staff is underpinned by a global diversity policy that explicitly references and bars discrimination based on sexual orientation. This policy is upheld regardless of the legislative context of the regions in which the company operates.

Diversity and inclusion themes

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