Diversity and inclusion measurement is crucial if change is going to be effected across the engineering sector. As a sector, engineering needs to become better at measuring diversity and inclusion to be able to make meaningful progress.

These measures were developed to provide a framework to drive change across organisations, whether it is a large corporation or a small medium enterprise (SME), and irrespective of whether just beginning its journey on inclusion or progressing its maturity.

The measures are validated by the Employers Network of Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) and tested with both large corporate and SME organisations to confirm relevance and proportionality.

Report: Diversity and inclusion in engineering measurement (2.30 MB)

How to use the measurement framework

Leaders, managers and HR/people managers across engineering are encouraged to adopt the measures to support coordinated effort to move the profession towards a more diverse and inclusive future.

The 16 measures within the framework cover all stages of the employee lifecyle giving leaders, managers and HR/people managers a clear understanding of action they can take to move the dial on D&I in a positive direction. Each of the lenses associated with each of the measures gives insight into actions each group could take to effect change.

The measures have been developed so organisations can dip in and use whatever fits with their strategy and plans. There is no requirement to work through them chronologically, although the more an organisation adopts, the more likely it is to understand, recognise and address barriers to D&I progress.

Information and guidance is included on how to gather diversity information to aid effective use of the measures.