Professor Howard Harry Rosenbrock FREng FRS

Died on aged 89

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Appreciation from Dr Paul T Kidd

Howard was an inspirational figure who had a profound impact on the development of Control Engineering as a discipline, making contributions to both the theory and practice of automatic control. He is probably best known for his pioneering work on the development of frequency domain design methods for multivariable systems, but this was just one of many contributions that he made to engineering and mathematics. He also, for example, developed a numerical integration technique for the solution of stiff differential equations, and in later years devoted his intellectual abilities to the area of quantum mechanics.

Perhaps less well know to the Control Engineering community is his work on the development of human-centred technology. Howard believed that is was possible and desirable to develop technology such that it does not deskill and dehumanise work. Although the importance of Howard's vision with regard to the development of a more human-centred technology has yet to be fully recognised, for in many respects it is an idea well ahead of its time, I believe that, given the way the world is heading, it may well prove to be a paradigm changing concept in the future. I strongly believe that this dimension to his work may in the end turn out to be even more important than the many other significant contributions that he made to engineering and mathematics.

Howard primarily saw himself as an engineer. His engineering career spanned many decades, and over that long period he not only demonstrated himself as a leading practitioner of the art of engineering, but he also had a profound influence on those who had the privilege to work with him. To many young and aspiring engineering researchers he provided a role model of professionalism and rigour.

Howard was a true pioneer, but he was also a visionary, and it was an honour to have known and worked with him. He will be greatly missed.

Mr Allen Donald Warren Smith OBE FREng

Died on aged 88

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Professor Cedric Edward Turner CBE FREng

Died on aged 83

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Appreciation from Malcolm S Loveday

Cedric Turner will be sadly missed by a very wide scientific community where he was greatly respected.

He was at NPL for about a year around 1976, on secondment from Imperial College, and he and I, together with others were involved with the failure investigation on the quarter chiming train on Big Ben. His fatigue-fracture crack propagation analysis modelling was consistent with the number of cycles executed by the quarter chiming train that failed, and it was probably the longest documented time fatigue crack that has ever been analysed.
Latterly I met Cedric on several occasions at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum and I think he spent many happy hours in his 'retirement' cataloging the collection of extensometers which I passed to the KTM when I 'officially' retired from NPL.

Malcolm S Loveday
Secretary, High Temperature Mechanical Testing Committee National Physical Laboratory, Teddington.

Appreciation from Sabu John

I was Prof Turner's research student from 1982 to 1986. It was a privilege to have had him as my supervisor and his passing is very sad as my planned visit to London this year was primarily to meet up with him.

Prof Turner was a kind and inspirational man and I am glad I 'inherited' some of his virtues. I think aspects of Prof Turner's virtues are alive with me as I handle my own PG research students. They are the beneficiaries of a wonderful supervisory experience at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. They might wonder where this 'goodness' is sourced from. It's a secret I never let out - They are indirectly benefiting from Prof Turner and Imperial College!

Prof Turner was a gracious intellectual giant and I will miss him dearly.

Sabu John
Professor of Smart Materials & Systems
School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
RMIT University

Professor Sir Frederick Ned Warner FREng FRS

Died on aged 100

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Professor Sir Maurice Vincent Wilkes FREng FRS

Died on aged 97

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Mr Nicholas Younger FREng

Died on aged 75

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Appreciation from Frank Fitzgerald CBE FREng

Nick Younger devoted his career to the realisation of new metallurgical processes and at the time of his retirement was Technical Director of Davy International based in Stockton. His first job after graduation at Cambridge University was with TWI where he made significant contributions to understanding failure due to cracking of welded joints in stainless steels. He moved to the Davy Corporation in 1962 and worked on the new metallurgical processes then being developed or which were in the early stages of industrial application, such as continuous casting and direct smelting of ores.

In 1968 Nick left Davy for RTZ, and for the next seven years was engaged in the development of superplastic sheet based on the zinc/aluminium eutectic, which led to the production of super-plastically formed components for industry.

He returned to Davy in 1975 and remained there throughout the rest of his career, becoming widely known for successfully driving through to commercial application developments such as coal based ore reduction (e.g. the DRC and HISMELT processes), direct casting of wide steel strip in conjunction with the Korean company POSCO, and Transverse Flux Induction Heating of strip developed with British Steel.

Nick served the IoMMM and its forerunners in a number of capacities. He was for some years a member of the Institute of Metals Iron and Steelmaking Committee and its chairman from 1986 to 1989; and he was one of the four members of Council of the Institute of Materials representing the metals industries. He was also an active member of Council of The Welding Institute and in 1983-84 President of the Cleveland Institution of Engineers. He was elected to the Fellowship in 1995.

A devoted family man who loved choral music and country pursuits, Nick believed passionately that the place for engineers was in industry where they could make a difference to the world, and he did his best to ensure recognition of their contribution to our lives. His quiet and courteous manner hid a shrewd mind and sound technical ability. He was a delightful companion who will be very widely missed, judging from the many who attended his funeral service in the choir of Ripon Cathedral.

Honorary Fellows

Lord Leonard Gordon Baron Wolfson of Marylebone HonFREng HonFRS

Died on aged 82

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International Fellows

Professor James Dooge FREng

Died on aged 88

Dr H Guyford Stever FREng

Died on aged 93

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