Mr Paul Anthony Marsden FREng

Died on aged 75

Professor John William Mullin FREng

Died on aged 83

Obituary for Professor John William Mullin FREng in The Times Online

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Appreciation from Professor Richard Allsop FREng

As well as being eminent in his field, John Mullin was a valued senior colleague to many of us at UCL across and probably well beyond the Faculty of Engineering. He lived and thrived, and helped us to live and thrive, through times of immense change in academic life by his leadership in the senior roles he played, and by real personal concern for many with whom he worked. In retirement we continued to see him often, and we shall continue to feel his presence in spirit.

Dr James Porteous DL FREng

Died on aged 82

Professor Louis Joseph Rydill OBE FREng

Died on aged 96

Obituary for Professor Louis Joseph Rydill OBE FREng in The Times Online and in The Telegraph

Professor Frank Julius Wallace FREng

Died on aged 84

Obituary for Professor Frank Julius Wallace FREng in The Times Online

Professor Geoffrey Barratt Warburton FREng FRSE

Died on aged 85

Professor Olgierd Zienkiewicz CBE FREng FRS

Died on aged 87

Obituaries for Professor Olgierd Zienkiewicz CBE FREng FRS in The Times Higher Education and The Times Online

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Appreciation from Professor D Roger J Owen FREng

Olek Zienkiewicz, he will surely be regarded as the major figure of the twentieth century in the numerical analysis of problems in engineering science. Olek's stature in the field of finite elements is not only due to his scientific achievements but in no small measure a result of his extraordinary personality.

As well as relishing academic debate with his peers, Olek was never happier than when discussing research issues with younger colleagues. He had the ability to rapidly synthesise a research topic and to describe the essential theoretical and computational features to students in a transparent manner. In this respect, he provided countless engineers and researchers with the incentive and enthusiasm to participate in the exciting field of computational modelling.

Olek will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know and work with him over his long career.

Appreciation from Professor Brian Clarkson FREng

To the surprise of many colleagues and to the great appreciation of the University of Swansea itself, Professor Oleg Zienkiewicz chose to remain based in their Civil Engineering Department. He founded the first truly internationally renowned University group in Wales and attracted many distinguished visiting Research Fellows. He was an inspiration to his young staff and as the power of the numerical methods became more widely established, interactions spread throughout all the Engineering disciplines and wider afield. It also formed the basis for major industrial collaborations with leading engineering companies such as British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and British Steel. This was surely the largest group of collaborating researchers in any University in Great Britain.

As the years went by his achievements were increasingly recognised Worldwide by Scientific Societies through their Medals and Awards and Universities through their Honorary Degrees. During my time as Vice Chancellor in Swansea at almost every meeting of Senate and Council I had the pleasure of reporting yet another Honorary Degree or Medal awarded to Prof Zienkiewicz. There was some envy of Oleg and his constant visits overseas - my reply to such comments was that 'when you are so famous and doing the University's reputation so much good you too can go off like that'! In the critical time of the introduction of Research Assessments I was particularly grateful to have such a high quality multi disciplinary group which I could point to when attempts were being made to concentrate research funding in a few well known places (of which Swansea did not then appear to be a part!)

He will be greatly missed as a scholar, inspirational colleague and loyal friend.

Honorary Fellows

Lord Ron Dearing of Kingston upon Hull Kt CB HonFREng

Died on aged 78

Obituaries for Lord Ron Dearing of Kingston upon Hull Kt CB HonFREng in The Times and The Telegraph

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Appreciation from past President Sir William Barlow FREng

Lord Dearing (78) who died in February, was elected an Honorary Fellow in recognition of his contributions to higher education and engineering.

He had a distinguished career in the Civil Service, starting at 16 as a clerk in Hull labour exchange. After National Service in the RAF he won a scholarship to Hull University and the rejoined the Civil Service in the Treasury and later Ministry of Fuel and Power and finally DTI. He was involved in the privatisation of the aerospace, shipbuilding industries and persuaded the Government to privatise BT. At that time he was appointed Chairman of The Post Office.

This was followed by a series of chairmanships of Government higher education amongst which were the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council, theUniversities Funding Council and others too numerous to mention. Always he pressed the case for science and engineering as essential for the nation's economy.

He became a director of several companies amongst which was Ericsson(UK) which was deeply involved in the supply of Vodafone base stations

Ron Dearing was a an extremely hard worker and a very modest man who shunned trappings of office. People liked working for him and greatly respected his ability to take on new challenges leading from the front.