Dr Alec Field Atkin CBE FREng

Died on aged 84

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Appreciation from Ivan Yates CBE FREng

The most persistent memory of a long-term knowledge of Alec is the same as the immediate impact when meeting him for the first time, that of a powerful outgoing personality. For some it could be a rather strong cocktail of qualities, but always humorous and gregarious, with clear well-expressed views on almost any subject, all blended with considerable charm. For me he was very supportive after I had been catapulted into the job of Divisional Managing Director at Warton in the late 1970s in the newly nationalised industry, faced for some months with the headstrong leaders of the local trade unions with a 'we're in charge now' attitude. With a wider management role in the new large British Aerospace company he relocated to live in the south nearer the headquarters of the Aircraft Group.

Professionally Alec moved seamlessly from being a part of the Warton team with its world- leading aeronautical engineering capabilities to international marketing, in the then undeveloped world of Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. He was faced with dismally inadequate communications and inevitably limited local support, but mixing with effortless ease with Sheiks and Ministers, and a wide variety of other people. The end result was the export of Lightnings and Jet Provost trainers. Together with the support and training facilities and accommodation for UK personnel, the Saudi order was the largest single UK export at that time. He left behind him the foundations on which his successors were later able to build the massive orders for Panavia Tornados and Eurofighter Typhoons.

His was a remarkable life, from a humble start and leaving school at fifteen without any qualifications to obtaining two excellent honours degrees. In the course of the first he came second in the university class only to Nora, who became his wife until he moved south. He retired to Guernsey with his second wife Wendy, living in a stunningly located house which he steadily developed and enlarged. Finally his third wife Lynn was able to ease his last years as his heath steadily deteriorated and he died peacefully. He was always a generous and loving parent. He leaves all who knew him with a rich seam of memories.

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