This is the delivery plan of the Royal Academy of Engineering by which we will deploy our BEIS* core grant allocation of £12,441,000 per annum for the Spending Review period of 2016–2020. The grant is the critical enabler of programmes that depend on resources secured from other sources for their delivery.

Our support for BEIS’ priorities will be underpinned by:

  • A partnership approach with other organisations and engineering industry with the aim of levering added value and impact
  • A focus on diversity and inclusion, in which we take a leadership role across the profession
  • A commitment to delivering value that is measured through audit and evaluation both at individual and strategic priority levels
  • A continuing drive for efficiency and value for money. We plan to grow the scale and impact of BEIS-funded programmes through increased third party funding and support.

Delivery Plan 2016-2020 (158.00 KB)

*Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Formerly known as BIS (Department of Business, Innovation and Skills).