The Education and Skills Committee’s role is to oversee and be responsible for the Academy’s activities in engineering education and training and to maintain links with other bodies working in these fields.


  • Professor Jonathan Seville FREng


  • Chris Allam FREng
  • Professor Claire Adjiman FREng
  • Nick Cooper FREng
  • Professor Graham Davies FREng
  • Professor Eileen Harking-Jones OBE FREng
  • Dr Paul Holbourn FREng
  • Professor Tim Ibell FREng
  • Bernard Looney FREng
  • Howard Mathers CBE FREng
  • Colin Matthews CBE FREng
  • Professor Tony Ridley CBE FREng
  • Professor Mary Ryan FREng
  • Professor Nick Tyler CBE FREng
  • Dr Jean Venables CBE FREng
  • Faith Wainwright MBE FREng

Ex Officio

  • Chris Earnshaw OBE FREng (SMF)
  • Professor Peter Goodhew CBE FREng (VP)
  • Dr Stephen Huntington OBE FREng
  • Howard Mathers CBE FREng


  • Katy Turff
  • Professor Stephanie Haywood

Committee Secretariat

  • Dr Rhys Morgan