Achieving your potential

We take pride in being able to offer our employees the opportunity to develop their skills and progress their careers. This is because we understand how important our employees are to the success of our organisation.

There are numerous opportunities to develop skills, competencies and gain relevant work related qualifications. Our managers work closely with HR to identify learning needs and support their people to achieve their goals and ambitions. 

Investing in employee development is important to us, and we are ambitious about allowing employees to grow and fulfil their potential.

Our range of offer includes:

  • Online training, covering both management and generic courses such as MS Office
  • Coaching
  • Management training such as people management, team-building, coaching, building resilience and health and wellbeing
  • Internal training, such as HR training, finance and IT
  • External training, as identified through training needs analysis and by line management
  • Professional qualification where relevant to the job and also apprenticeship courses
  • Future learn online courses accessed through the Open University
  • Insight sessions using the expertise of our Fellows and other distinguished guest speakers covering a range of different topics
  • Lunchtime workshops