Deadline for proposals: 1pm Monday 21 October 2019


The Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation are seeking to commission a report(s) that meet the below objectives:

  1. To develop conceptual clarity around what is meant by Safer Complex Systems by producing a framework to support a common way to communicate about the safety of complex systems across sectors and between different levels of expertise globally
  2. To develop understanding of the existing methods available for the design, management and governance of complex systems (including those developed in academia that have not yet been implemented)
  3. To outline emerging challenges and opportunities with significant disruptive potential (negative or positive) with regards to the safety of complex system

The report(s) will inform the Safer Complex Systems programme strategy and will generate clear priorities for a grant funding programme to increase the safety of complex systems globally.

Invitation to tender: Global Foresight Review on the Safety of Complex Systems (307.16 KB)


Who can submit a proposal?

Please note that The Academy and LRF welcome submissions from both UK and non-UK organisations. The Academy and LRF are open to proposals that address some, rather than all, of the listed outputs. For Objective 3, it is expected that a number of different suppliers will be selected to provide domain-specific expertise to further understanding about emerging challenges in each sector (e.g. food systems, humanitarian systems, health systems, IT systems, political, climate, energy, data, aerospace etc.).



Our indicative budget for the first phase of this study is £100,000 to £150,000. We are open to appointing multiple suppliers with expertise in different areas within this overall envelope, so suppliers looking to contribute only within a relatively focused domain should adjust their price accordingly.


Contact details and submission

If you are interested in bidding for this tender and you have questions about this ITT, please send them across to Shelley Stromdale, Programme Officer via email so that questions can be answered in full by the programme board.

Please send all submissions by the deadline to Shelley Stromdale, Programme Officer