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Society and Government

The Royal Academy of Engineering engages in a wide range of activities promoting links between engineering, government and wider society. The Academy seeks to build relations with policy makers nationally and globally to ensure that engineering is at the heart of policy making in crucial areas such as climate change, health and security. It also encourages debate and dialogue between engineers and the wider public to ensure that engineering is visible to society and sensitive to its opinions and concerns.

  • Engineering policy
    To inform the debate and further understanding of engineering matters, the Academy Engineering Policy Committee produces reports, meetings and events on a range of policy issues. The Academy also responds to Parliamentary, governmental and other consultations with an engineering dimension.

  • International policy
    The Academy’s international priorities include fostering connections with international engineering stakeholders, engaging in European policy activities, leading debate and public policy projects, and promoting UK engineering capability.

  • Education policy
    The policy work undertaken in the fields of education and training are overseen by the Standing Committee for Education and Training augmented by Education for Engineering

  • Public affairs
    Building awareness and understanding and of the contribution of engineering and engineers with political and policy audiences is a priority for the Academy. The authority and rigour of the organisation’s outputs help build influence on national policy.

  • Public engagement
    The Academy actively supports public engagement with engineering through a variety of activities. This includes leading debate on socio-technological issues, building capacity for public engagement with engineering to take place and providing funding and support. The Academy undertakes a range of public engagement activities, including research, policy work and events.

  • Engineering ethics
    The Academy organizes a number of events, activities and reports on ethical issues in engineering, and has developed a ‘statement of ethical principles’ for engineers. It also produces guidance and holds workshops for academics teaching engineering ethics.

  • Philosophy of engineering
    The Academy has hosted a number of seminars and a major international workshop exploring philosophical issues in engineering research and practice.

  • Diversity programme
    The Academy is committed to diversity and works with a range of organisations to develop strategies for encouraging diversity in engineering.



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