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Schemes for Engineers in Research and Development

Case Studies

RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellowships: Current and Recently Awarded Fellowships


Dr David Armstrong
University of Oxford
Micro-Engineering Advanced Alloys for Extreme Nuclear Power Environments

Dr David Clifton
University of Oxford
Machine Learning for the Intelligent Patient Record

Dr Edmund Kelleher
Imperial College London
Next Generation Short-Pulse Lasers for the Visible and Ultraviolet

Dr Fleur Loveridge
University of Southampton
New Thermal and Geotechnical Facility for Ground Heat Exchangers

Dr Oliver Payton
University of Bristol
Mapping, Measuring and Manufacturing Nanostructures Via High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy

Dr Weijia Yuan
University of Bath
Advancing Renewable Energy Integration by Innovative SMES-Battery Storage Systems

Dr Freddie Withers
University of Manchester
Light Harvesting Hybrid – Graphene Based Devices (GrapheX)


Dr Mark Ainslie
University of Cambridge
Engineering Interactions of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials for Electrical Applications

Dr Peter Carrington
University of Lancaster
High Efficiency Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Materials and Devices Grown on Silicon

Dr Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas
Heriot-Watt University
Towards Better Pregnancy Monitoring: Miniaturised Tools for Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis in Clinics and Hospitals

Dr Mathieu Lucquiaud
University of Edinburgh
Future-Proofing Fossil Power Stations with CO2 Capture

Dr Edward Laird
University of Oxford
Quantum Computing Devices Based on Carbon Nanomaterials

Dr Ruth Misener
Imperial College London
Towards Rational Chemotherapy Strategies: A Hybrid Computational / Experimental Approach

Dr Mehran Moazen
University of Hull
Predicting Skull Growth in Craniosynostosis for Improved Surgical Treatment

Dr Alberto Peruzzo
University of Bristol
Quantum Processors for Quantum Chemical Engineering


Dr Mahdi Azarpeyvand
University of Cambridge
Source and Propagation Modelling for Wind Turbine and Turbomachinery Noise

Dr Alasdair Clark
University of Glasgow
Plasmon Enhanced Pyroelectrodynamic Nanoscale Trapping and Sensing

Dr Christian Fensch
University of Edinburgh
Auto-Tuned Programming Patterns and the Programmability Gap

Dr Peter Gammon
University of Warwick
Novel Interlayer Cooling for Harsh Environment (NICHE) Devices and Circuitry

Dr Tawfique Hasan
University of Cambridge
Graphlex: Fully Flexible Graphene-Based Transparent Conductors

Dr Grigorios Loukides
Cardiff University
Privacy Protection in Event-Based Data Sharing and Analysis

Dr Christos Masouros
Queens University of Belfast
Interference As a Source of Green Signal Energy in Wireless Communications

Dr Matthias Mauch
Queen Mary, University of London
Software Systems for Computer-Aided Music Understanding

Dr Paul Shearing
University College London
4-Dimensional Tomography of Electrochemical Devices

Dr Radu Sporea
University of Surrey
Novel High Performance Transistors for Use in Large Area Electronics

Dr Nikos Tzevelekos
Queen Mary, University of London
Game Semantics for Program Analysis


Dr Tore Butlin
University of Cambridge
Modelling the Vibration of Complex Structures with Localised Non-Linearities

Dr Simon Cotton
Queen’s University Belfast
Next Generation Body Centric Communications: A Joint Analytical-Statistical Approach to Modelling Quasi-Cyclostationary Anisotropic Signal Reception

Dr Deborah Gunning
University of Strathclyde
Neural Interfaces for Studying Cortical Processes

Dr Matthew Himsworth
University of Southampton
Atom-Chip Integration for Quantum-Enabled Devices

Dr Hugh Leather
University of Edinburgh
Optimising the Mobile Net

Dr Andrew Marshall
Lancaster University
Exploiting Emerging Interface Misfit Epitaxy to Engineer Cheaper, Higher Performance Photodiodes for Imaging, Communications and Gas Monitoring

Dr Davide Mattia
University of Bath
Nanoparticle Factory-On-A-Chip

Dr Francesca Parmigiani
University of Southampton
Optical Processing of High Spectral Efficiency Phase Encoded Signals for Future Generation Optical Networks

Dr Noam Rinetzky
Queen Mary University of London
Disciplined Concurrent Programming for Verification

Dr Manlio Tassieri
University of Glasgow
Rheology at the Microscale: New Tools for Bio-analysis 


Dr Helen Bridle
University of Edinburgh
Biosensors in Engineering: From in Situ Pathogen Detection to Global Impacts

Dr Maria Ana Cataluna
University of Dundee
Compact and Ultra-Versatile Lasers Based on Quantum-Dot Materials

Dr Christophe Dubach
University of Edinburgh
Adaptable Processor Architecture and Software for Energy-Efficient Computing

Dr Filippo Fazi
University of Southampton
Electroacoustical Inverse Problems

Dr Marina Galano
University of Oxford
Development of Aluminum Metal Matrix Complex Nanocomposites for High Strength Applications

Dr Steven Neale
University of Glasgow
Micro-Actuators Controlled by Optoelectronic Tweezers (MACOET)

Dr Andrew Robertson
Queen Mary, University of London
Intelligent Interactive Musical Performance Systems

Dr Aleksey Shitvov
Queens University Belfast
Distributed Passive Intermodulation Phenomena in Microwave Circuits

Dr Danail Stoyanov
University College London
Real-Time Intra-Operative Navigation for Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr Kevin Webb
University of Nottingham
Optical Stimulation for the Long-Term Control and Monitoring of Neural Network Activity


Dr Daniel Clark
Heriot-Watt University
Random-Set Filtering Techniques for Multi-Sensor Multi-Object Tracking and Data Fusion

Dr Christopher Gourlay
Imperial College London
The Granular Rheology of Partially Solidified Alloys and Defect Formation in Advanced Metal Casting Processes

Dr Timothy Jones
University of Cambridge
Power-Aware Compilation in a Multi-Core Era

Dr Ioannis Lestas
University of Cambridge
Analysis of Complex Heterogeneous Networks: Scalability, Robustness and Fundamental Limitations

Dr John Murphy
University of Oxford
Improved Multi-Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cell Applications

Dr Valeria Nicolosi
University of Oxford
Processing and Electron Probing Inorganic Nanostructures for Emerging Nanotechnologies

Dr Silvia Schievano
University College London
FEM before FIM – Finite Element Modelling Prior to First-In-Man in Heart Valve Technology

Dr Kosmas Tsakmakidis
Imperial College London
Ultraslow and Stopped Light in Metamaterials


Dr Sachi Arafat
Glasgow University
Foundations research in information retrieval inspired by quantum theory

Dr Richard Cobley
University of Wales, Swansea
Pushing forward scanning probe techniques to meet the new challenges of optoelectronics and nanotechnology

Dr Darren Cosker
Bath University
Exploiting 4D data for creating next generation facial modelling and animation techniques

Dr Dino Distefano
Queen Mary University, London
Software Model checking with separation logic

Dr Matthew Eaton
Imperial College
Integrating design and uncertainty within a common modelling framework: applications to nuclear engineering

Dr Ross Hatton
University of Warwick
Hybrid nano-structured electrodes for organic photovoltaics

Article – Organic PVs: Clean electricity from carbon

Dr Ignacio Hernandez
Queen Mary University, London
Halogenated organic mixed lanthanide and transition metal ion complexes for infrared opto-electronic devices

Dr Vlado Lazarov
University of York
Polar Oxide Interfaces: from fundamentals to spintronic applications

Dr Martyn McLachlan
Imperial College
Three-Dimensional nanosphere templating: A novel method for the preparation of nanostructured photovoltaics

Dr Anna Peacock
Southampton University
Fiberised semiconductor devices: a new platform for nonlinear photonics and applications

Dr Richard Sandberg
Southampton University
Numerical investigation of the hydrodynamic and acoustic fields of compressible axisymmetric flows

Dr Andras Sobester
Southampton University
Towards the 21st Century ‘Whisper-Jet’ – a Machine Learning Approach to Design for Fan Noise Deflection

Dr Amanda Wright
University of Strathclyde
New horizons in adaptive optics for life science research: adaptive microscopy

Dr Shi Zhou
University College London
Statistical topological studies on large-scale complex communication networks


Dr George Goussetis
Queen's University Belfast
Synthetic metamaterials for RF, micro- and mm-wave applications

Dr Dean Barratt
University College London
Ultrasound Image Registration for Guiding Medical Interventions

Dr Matthew Parkinson
University of Cambridge
Local Reasoning for Generics and Concurrency

Dr Sophie Williams
Leeds University
A biotribiology simulation system for pre-clinical evaluation of novel cartilage repair systems

Dr Peter Lee
Leeds University
The tribological investigation of modern automotive engines for improved fuel economy and lowered emissions

Dr Jonathon Price
University of Southampton
Pulsed fibre laser systems and applications

Dr Amanda Clare
University of Aberystwyth
Engineering the Intelligent Scientific Laboratory

Dr Vladimir Kolmogorov
University College London
Discrete Optimisation Methods for Intelligent Systems


Dr John Chew
University of Cambridge
Developing Dynamic Gauging as a Surface Layer Probe

Dr Kristian Groom
University of Sheffield
Advanced Semiconductor Laser Engineering

Dr Martin Jackson
Imperial College
Consolidation and Behaviour of Continuous Solid State Processing of Titanium from Emerging Reduction Methods

Dr Victor Khomenko
University of Newcastle
Design and Verification of Asynchronous Circuits

Dr Amit Kohn
University of Oxford
Correlating Microstructure and Anti-ferromagnetic Domains in Thin Films for Spin Electronic Applications

Dr Karla Miller
University of Oxford
Improved Imaging of Brain Function and Connectivity

Dr Huda El Mubarek
University of Manchester
Point Defects Engineering: A New Method of Dopant Diffusion Suppression in Semiconductors

Dr Francesco Simonetti
Imperial College
Super Resolution Sub-surface Sensing

Dr Susannah Speller
University of Oxford
Superconducting Metamaterials for Near Field NMR Microscopy Applications

Dr Eleanor Stride
University College London
Characterisation and Design of Coated Microbubbles for Ultrasound Imaging and Cancer Therapy


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